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Podiatric procedure with a local anesthetic and minimal downtime.

Onychocryptosis or ingrown toenail is one of the problems most frequently seen in the doctors office. These alterations can affect our daily lives, causing recurrent infections, discomfort or even functional impotence. This condition usually affects the first toe with the highest incidence, with only one or both nail canals becoming ingrown.

The most common causes of this pathology are:

  • Bad nail trimming
  • Hyperhidrosis
  • Shoes with a narrow last
  • Nail morphology


If conservative treatment does not work, such as spiculotomy or nail re-education, and this alteration becomes chronic, a definitive procedure should be applied. This treatment consists of a very simple outpatient surgical intervention under local anaesthesia. A partial or total matriceptomy would be performed depending on the degree of involvement of the nail. Obtaining a very high rate of effectiveness and with optimum aesthetic results. Recovery will be brief and almost painless.

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